Our committees are an opportunity for you to focus on a particular area that our organization is involved in.

They exclusively deal with one particular issue and one goal. Not everyone feels comfortable talking to people

on the street or getting their hands dirty with yard work, so the committees are a great way to pick the part

of the organization that is right up your alley.

Finance Committee

This committee manages the organization's finances. Members of this committee work closely with the church bookkeeper to oversee income and expenditures.
The committee meets the first Tuesday of each month unless otherwise announced.

Music & Worship Committee

This committee consults with the Pastor, Organist, and Choir Director to ensure that services held are conducted regularly and in accordance with the guidelines directed by the ECLA. Additionally, ushers are recruited and trained to ensure hymnals and other devotional materials are cared for properly. The committee strives to advance the welfare of the choirs and arranges for the care of paraments, vestments, and musical instruments.

Stewardship Committee 

This committee strives to encourage members to gratefully give of time, talent and treasure to uplift God’s message within our congregation.

Christian Education and Youth Mininstries Committee

This committee works closely with our Program Director to organize activities and events for our youth. Its main purpose is to involve youth in the ministry of the congregation. The committee works with the Pastor to oversee the conduct and promotion of the Sunday School program. 
Sunday School teachers are encouraged to attend these meetings to keep up-to-date with the activities of all organizations within the congregation.

Social Ministry Committee

This committee extends Christian compassion and helpfulness to the ill, aged, underprivileged, and in general, to all persons of all ages in need of aid in body and soul. Members of this group make visits or send cards to shut-in and hospitalized members of our congregation.

Outreach Committee

This committee works with the Pastor on welcoming new members to our congregation and checking on people who are noticeably absent from worship. They check the guest book in the church and send cards of appreciation to visitors worshipping with us. This committee also reaches out to our community in an effort to invite new members to our congregation.

Property & Cemetery Committee

This committee works with the church sexton to prioritize and oversee the maintenance of the building and grounds. Members of this committee don’t necessarily need to be “a jack of all trades”, just willing to help make decisions about work and projects that need to get done.

If you are interested in joining any of the committees below, call the church office at 301-722-4190 or click "Sign Up" and we will get you in touch with the chairperson for that particular committee.

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